Blog is not a dirty word…
though if you’re looking for one,  you will probably find it here too.

Don’t Shoot Charlie is a collection of stories, some long-ish, some short, but hoepfully all a bit funny and will entertain you in those spare minutes between checking your email and doing whatever it is you are supposed to be doing.

I am a young writer living in Melbourne. I have too much education and not enough furniture. I have studied creative writing for the last four years and can prod protagonists and antagonists about the page well enough. I can not, however be a flag waving english student, as I would not able to point out a subjunctive even if it was written in ten foot letters and I had a harpoon. I am simply a small, oddly adjusted person with a lot of stories in my head and a mild obsession with avocados.


    • Natasha
    • February 22nd, 2010

    Dear Charlie,
    I like you. This is cool. Very cool.
    More please.

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