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Don’t shoot…

Dear You,

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t shoot me even though I am starting a blog, something which some may consider to be a shoot-worthy offence.

1. I am small and probably a difficult target.
2. You probably don’t own a gun and switching to blunt objects can be tiresome and time consuming.
3. There are hopefully worse writers and worse bloggers than me that will deserve your violent attention- people who document their bowel movements or the growth of their cats with pie charts- go after them, maybe even Charlie will help you.
4. You might actually grow to enjoy meandering through my weekly stories.
5. And finally, I shall never sneakily attempt to change your religion, political group, reading club, sexuality or gender. Though if I am able to convince you to change your gender simply by reading my work, then many future kudos to me and your new life as a man/woman.